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Whether you want a formal or informal presentation, Dr. Claire will deliver an impactful presentation that will shift your understanding of who and where you are and give you steps to blaze your trail to success. 

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These topics are for the busy agent and businessman or businesswoman who has to balance multiple responsibilities, meet deadlines and quotas, and maintain their integrity and self-understanding in the midst of it all, while trying to stay stres-free.

Staying in the Driver's Seat

How to Decrease Your Productivity while Decreasing Your Stress. Where to put your energies and tools for decreasing stress.

3 Ways to Improve Your Relationships

Don't accept strained relationships as your norm. There are things that you can do to improve them and remove the toxicity where it exists.

How to Live and Work without Regret

It's easy to find yourself with less time to achieve your personal and work related goals, ending up with guilt, regret and shame. Get time management strategies to change this.

Communicate your three key benefits that describes the value of your offer.


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About Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire, Spiritual Mentor and Coach, is giving you the time in your daily life to connect with your spiritual self, have better relationships and fulfill your unique promise. 

As a high achiever who has been responsible for multiple programs at the same time in different arenas, had oversight of staff, Dr. Claire got that overwhelmed feeling that seeps into your personal life. She knows what it is to hold her head up, smile as if all is well but . . . she also knows what it is to smile, and hold her head up because all is well.

Dr. Claire found a framework that worked and continues to work. Whenever her blaze starts to go down, she go back to that space. Blazing, living well, beats achieving without heart and soul.

Giving you the Oxygen to Prosper in all areas of life.

Without question, we all gained insight into the many ways and means of coping with the many stresses of the real estate business and how best to deal with these stressors. so we can enjoy greater satisfaction and success with what we do in both our personal and professional lives. 

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