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Dr. Claire
Claire Annelise Smith, PhD

Dr. Claire works with corporate dads to build a legacy of love by developing deep relationships with their children. Their children in turn cherish and honor their legacy instead of squandering it.

Dads Legacy of Love

 If you’re a corporate dad, you’re busy. You’re on the move. You have many challenges with which to deal.

How do you engage meaningfully with your children in the midst of these challenges and this busyness? How do you develop a deep relationship that will result in a lasting legacy?

It is easy to give costly gifts out of guilt. You mistakenly think they will be a good substitute for your involvement.

But, you know what? A magazine lifestyle cannot take your place. It will result in your legacy being squandered.

Where do you start, especially if this doesn’t come naturally; especially if you have missed some years.

I’m glad you want to know. That’s why I’m here.

I invite you to a free strategy session with me where we will get you on the right path. If you’re serious about building your legacy, continue.

Adult - Child

I’m ready for my free strategy session where I will:

  • Look at my vision for  the lasting legacy I want to leave my child/children.
  • Uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging this.
  • Leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to connect more deeply with my children and leave them a love legacy.

I cannot begin to express to you the satisfaction and joy I have from my work with Dr. Claire to help me grow into the person that best serves me, my family and friends, and of course – my clients.

Dennis Daniels

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