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Supporting busy leaders to create doable life management strategies and plans with a spiritual connection for better relationships and impactful legacies.

Are you ready to Take Charge of Your Life?


Time Management

You’re tired of juggling so many things that it feels as if one will drop at any moment. It is time to find the sweet spot in balancing the different facets of your life — work, family, community.


Parent-Child Issues

You’re so involved at work that when you see your children, you feel like ships passing in the night. You’re torn between your responsibility to them and your work and community involvement.


God Connection

You want to get closer to God because you miss that connection, and you know when you have that connection the rest of your life is more peaceful and flows better . . . but it is not happening.


Your Legacy

Your legacy matters. You’ve solidified your work accomplishments. What about your family legacy. Will your children be able to honor what you leave them? What will you leave them?

How I can help you find fufillment

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I help you go deep to identify, process, and think through your life’s desires and then create actionable strategies to get you to where you need to go.

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Customized Plan

Harness the power of one. Identify one game-changing thing in your life and with your input, Dr. Claire will create a plan specially for you that leads to you overcoming it.

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Books, Planners

Books, journals, and planners that give you insight into you and your real-world experiences, with space for forward moving reflection.

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Talks and Workshops

I am an experienced speaker and workshop leader who will combine wisdom with humor and give you practical insight and tips to take control of your life.

Time is a valuable asset that you can use to build quality relationships with your loved ones and receive enormous returns now and in the future..

Dr. Claire
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Claire Annelise Smith, PhD (aka Dr. Claire)

About me

I’m an author, spiritual mentor and coach, and speaker.

I love seeing people get breakthroughs as they gain new perspectives on who they are, what is happening in their lives and what they must do to move forward.


Books to inspire, inform, and change you, all the while letting you know that you are not alone as you share the highs and lows of the characters in these books.

A clear path to break free from  overwhelm to enjoy great relationships with others.

Discover and remove the blocks to positive relationships with your children.

A set of 3 books that strengthens your intimate connection with God through prayer.

Happy Clients

Share in the experiences of clients who work with Dr. Claire.

Overwhelmed with commitments at work, I struggled to find a healthy balance between work and quality time with my spouse. Dr. Smith's program was instrumental in guiding me toward a resolution.
Kathy Williams Testimonial
Kathy Williams
Clergy Leadership Coordinator
Claire is gifted at helping you discover new things about yourself and your relationships that can positively impact your daily living. Thank you Claire !
Dr. Timothy Steele
Timothy Steele
CEO, Audiologist
With Dr. Claire, you're in for a treat. Not only is she gifted at time management guidance and goal-setting, she is also spiritually insightful and wise.
Kendra Thompson Testimonial
Kendra Thompson
Writer, wife, mom, educator

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