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Dr. Claire

Are You A Busy Leader?

I help busy leaders overcome overwhelm and stress to increase their productivity and have better relationships.

Why? Because overwhelm and stress should not have the last say in your life.

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Jump-start my prosperity as a business leader

If I only had . . .

Yes. You do have time to do this for yourself. You just don’t know where and how to find it. When you work with me, I will help you free up more time as you embark on your prosperous journey.

You see, I’ve heard that one before: “I don’t have time.” Yet, as my clients work with me, they find that they have more time for the people and things that matter to them the most. They begin to flourish.

As a business leader, time is an important commodity, no doubt. Make time to prosper in an authentic way and you and those around you will be happier.

more time in your daily lifeKnow how to prioritize what’s truly important and filter out things that move you from your goals and purpose.
more time in your daily lifeBe more productive in less time for greater job and relationships satisfaction.
more time in your daily lifeRestore your excitement and joy as you elevate the people and things that matter most as you move past overwhelm.
more time in your daily lifeHave greater peace as you move past the guilt and shame that come with unrealistic expectations that leave you without time.
more time in your daily lifeDevelop the habits that that support a healthy you and healthy relationships and finances.
more time in your daily lifeEnjoy spiritual renewal which will feed the other areas of your life.

Don’t believe the myth. You can have more time.


What Working with Dr. Claire Will Do for You

Dr. Claire is able to cut through the complex and often puzzling aspects of situations like no other I have ever experienced to put us in the best possible position to succeed with what we seek to accomplish in our respective lives.

Dennis Daniels, Broker-Sales Agent

manage your personal life for greater productivityI had the privilege of participating in Claire’s program. It has been life altering for me. Claire has an amazing way of listening, guiding, and providing profound insights that produced a new level of depth and peace in my relationships.

Timothy Steele, PhD, Audiologist

Increase ProductivityWorking with Dr Claire has assisted me to prioritize my needs and time. It allows to think out of the box and not be a people-pleaser.

Eva James, RN

Jada Increase ProductivityIn my coaching sessions, I was offered encouragement and support to find my way to my own priorities and more significantly to find God’s priorities for me. I am a person who struggles to say, “no.” As we looked at the importance of priorities, I realized that saying “no” is sometimes the most faithful answer. I am grateful for the encouragement and the tools I was given.

Jada Hodgson, Certified Lay Minister; Elder Law Attorney

what they're saying - Faith AllenWords cannot describe my experience with Claire A. Smith as my spiritual mentor and life coach. In the short time I have been a part of her coaching I have seen so much productivity in managing my life personally and professionally. What ever situation I present to her she brings about more clarity as to the best way to address and alleviate it. Praises and much thanks to her.

Rev. Dr. Faith A. Allen

Which is the best option for you to be a prosperous business leader?


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