Manage Time | Have Better Relationships | Beat Stress with Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire

Author, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor and Coach

Helping Leaders in Transition Organize Their Busy Lives to Have More Time to Connect with  Themselves, the People They Love Most, and God … Without Stress and Guilt.

Manage Time | Have Better Relationships | Beat Stress with Dr. Claire

About Dr. Claire

One of my greatest joys is seeing people get breakthroughs in their lives. As we journey together, my clients gain new perspectives on who they are, what is happening in their lives and what they must do to move forward. As a result, they leave behind whatever would keep them from moving forward as they deal with changes and transitions. They have greater confidence, enjoy better relationships with others, and live with freedom and joy.

This is why I do what I do as an author, speaker, spiritual mentor and coach as well as Founder of Blazing Star Network. Blazing Star Network is a professional training and spiritual coaching firm.

When I’m not coaching, writing or speaking, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.



What We Do

Busy Professionals

Helping busy professionals manage their time to reduce stress and live with a God-connection that leads to clarity, freedom, and joy.

CEO Dads

Supporting CEO dads to raise resilient, compassionate children who work for a just world.

" Time is a valuable asset. When you use it to build quality relationships with your loved ones, you will receive enormous returns now and in the future."
Dr. Claire
Dr. Claire

What they're saying

In my coaching sessions, I was offered encouragement and support to find my way to my own priorities and more significantly, to find God’s priorities for me.
Jada Increase Productivity
Jada Hodgson
Certified Lay Minister
Claire is gifted at helping you discover new things about yourself and your relationships that can positively impact your daily living. Thank you Claire !
Dr. Timothy Steele
Timothy Steele
CEO, Audiologist
In the short time I have been a part of Claire's coaching I have seen so much productivity in managing my life personally and professionally.
what they're saying - Faith Allen
Faith Allen

Dr. Claire's Media Appearances


"I speak and write to empower you and others so that you will live that full and free live you deserve. It is time to get past stress, guilt, and shame."
Dr. Claire
Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire's Books

Dr. Claire has written a number of books, including devotionals, journals, and planners. Find them at the button below.

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Tel: (913) 732-3440

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