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About me

I am an author, spiritual mentor, coach, and speaker.

Claire Annelise Smith (Dr. Claire), founder of Blazing Star Network, Professional Trainer ,and Spiritual Coach

I am on a mission to empower people to get out of the stressed-out lifestyle loop in which they find themselves. I will help you learn to will live with clarity, freedom, and joy.

When I’m not mentoring, coaching, writing or speaking, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

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In The Thick of It

Experience of being in the think of it and not realizing

The Power of Stepping Back

Stepping back to see the picture better

Ways of stepping back


Youth Coordinator | Pastor | Coordinator Educational Programs — The Guyana Congregational Union
Planning, executing, and coordinating national and international youth and Sunday School programs; streamlining and supporting the work of the Guyana Congregational Young People’s Union. Designing and conducting training programs for all levels of the church, including pastors. Working across denominations to empower leaders. More specifically, developed youth leadership by including them in the decision-making process, introduced youth to working professionals like lawyers, doctors, and high-level trainers, provided rural youth access to international, high-profile meetings and leaders

Director and Youth-Ministry-Specialist in Residence — Saint Paul School of Theology
Managed two staff and seminary student leaders; Initiating, new programs that introduced youth to social justice training and a more diverse pool of presenters; implementing strategies for long term viability such as secured funding through grants, redirecting the program to a less expensive but more relevant facet. Driving strategies for increasing diversity among participants, including establishing satellite centers, more than doubling the capacity and outreach. Teaching in the seminary curriculum.

Founder — Blazing Star Network
Helping leaders sort through the various aspects of their life to identify what’s most important and develop strategies to (1) be more productive by using their time better and empowering their employees and (2) improve their relationships by spending more quality time with their families and enhanced communication. Designing and implementing customized programs that target specific behaviors..



Proficiency in developing strategies to drive change
Uncanny ability to get to the heart of issues
Helping people to refocus, prioritize, and maximize their time for improved productivity and relationships
Honest, empathetic listening with challenging questioning
Excellent communication skills
Experience in creating empowering, diverse communities
Practical, insightful, problem-solving ability