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Dr. Claire

Why I Focus on Corporate Dads’ Legacy

I’ve worked with youth all my life, interacting with kids and parents. This has given me a window into the lives of children and their parents. I’ve also looked at the research on parents and children. I’m convinced that it is important that dads build a legacy of love.

In particular, I’ve seen the choices with which you are faced as a corporate dad. You work hard to make a better life for their children. Unfortunately, too often this takes you away from your children.  There are demands at work that conflict with your family life.

Despite this, it is as if wherever you turn, you are told to do more and be more. Sometimes it seems as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

When you are busy, overextended and drained it is hard . You:

  • Dig in more at work where you feel more in control and have a sense of success.
  • Give them costly gifts that you hope will signify your love and make them feel better about you.

The Challenge

Bridging the gap between the two worlds, work and family, takes skill.

The truth? Everyone wants something from you. No one listens. No one supports you in your journey to bridge the two worlds and be a dad who leaves a lasting legacy.


Businessman Occupied

Thus, you find yourself more and more distant from your children. The more they grow, the more inadequate you feel. The more inadequate you feel, the more you pull back. Yet deep within, you want that connection.

My Conviction

This is what I know to be true. Dads want a deeper connection with their children.

However, when I look around there is a lack of resources for corporate dads to connect better with their children to protect their legacy. That’s where I come in.

Together, we will build a legacy of love for your children that starts now.

Love Wins

Here is one other thing to know about me. My Dad was very busy serving others. Along with my mother, he made decisions that would afford us the best opportunities available. It meant that he was not always physically present.

I learned from my Dad that even when distance separates you, love wins. This is a love that works to know the other person while seeking the best for them

My Dad was emotionally and mentally invested in us. Yet, I have memory gaps. He is absent from my memory of certain periods of my life.

A legacy of love is the bank of positive, loving, lasting memories that come from the quality time you spend with your children. It cannot be taken away from them.

Over to you

What do you want your children’s memory of you to be?

Will it be positive, resulting in a a legacy that is valued and honored?
Or, will it leave a bitter taste in their mouth(s) that results in the legacy being squandered?
Dr. Timothy Steele

Participating in Claire’s program has been life altering for me. Claire has an amazing way of listening, guiding, and providing profound insights that produced a new level of depth and peace in my relationships.

Timothy Steele, PhD

President and ceo

How I Can Help You

I provide:

  • One-on-one coaching.
  • “Boost Your Relationship” Consultation.
  • Resources specific to who you are and what your needs are.
  • I also send out Monday Inspiration and a monthly newsletter free of charge, to encourage and strengthen you on your journey.

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