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041: God in the Midst for Your Confidence and Hope


Shownotes: Episode 041 Interview with Lynn Lewis, Mentor, Coach, Entrepreneur   Image of Living from God’s Center When Lynn Lewis thinks of living from God’s center she gets a visual of God being in the midst of every aspect of her life. Her personal goal is to intentionally live every part of her life in… Continue Reading

039: Is Silence Still Golden or Is there More? with K. O. Noonoo


Shownotes: Episode 039. Interview with Rev K. O. Noonoo, Pastor at Pittsburgh Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, KS There Is Water in the Well Living from God’s center means that K.O. Noonoo is well connected to the well that is not in a solid way. The well is the source. Make Room for Daily Silence God’s primary… Continue Reading

038: Can I Get a Witness?


Shownotes Episode 038: Can I Get a Witness? Witnesses. That’s what we’re called to be, isn’t it? Witnesses. People who can testify to what they have seen and heard. As John puts it, We declare to you what was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we… Continue Reading

037: How to Be Sure that You Do not Lose Lent


Shownotes. Episode 037: How to Be Sure that You Do not Lose Lent We’re firmly in the season of Lent in our Christian communities. Well, not all, but among those who observe it, here we are. Observe—we can observe by involvement, recognizing and participating. Or, we can observe by standing afar and looking on, having… Continue Reading

035: Why Surrender and Give Control to God who Is All with Lennie Maxwell


Shownotes: Episode 035 Interview with Rev Lennie Maxwell, Pastor at Great Bend First UMC, Great Bend, KS When Living from God’s Center, God Is All The idea of living from God’s center wasn’t new but Lennie hadn’t focused on this metaphor so he was glad Claire introduced him to it through the Living from God’s… Continue Reading

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