Attention Professional Women Who Are Mothers of Young Children . . .

How to Be A Thriving Professional Mother Who Shines with Confidence

Dear Mom,

If you have ever felt overwhelmed or out of control, then this is for you.

If you have ever felt guilty or like a failure, then keep reading . . . this is for you.

Remember how you felt when your child was born? What a joyous, momentous occasion that was. Then, you watched them take their first steps. Wonder and awe. You were ecstatic when they said their first words. How has time flown!

Now, the joy in being a mother is still there but . . .

From Then to Now

This joy is getting covered by guilt that you are not being a good mother because life is so busy and you ask yourself:

These thoughts are exhausting, aren’t they?

The Challenge of Isolation

Of course, you don’t really share these with anyone. After all, you have to put your best foot forward. Be the super mom/superwoman. Be the successful one. And you try to ignore those thoughts and questions that are eating away at you.

But it got worse the last couple years, didn’t it? Yes. We have been dealing with COVID.

COVID has meant isolation. It has also brought changing schedules. There is still uncertainty. Now, the ground you felt you had been gaining feels as if it is dissolving under your feet. And it is just you. You are the mom, alone. What do you do?


The mastermind sustained me spiritually and gave objective concrete ways to improve my weakness. I have received great benefit and would recommend this mastermind for anyone struggling to reach their destiny.

Alicia Allen White, MD

Community Gets Rid of Isolation and Builds Confidence

The best gift you can give yourself is to find a safe community of like-minded mothers with whom you can:

You do not have to be alone in your journey as a professional mom who just wants to succeed at work and be a good mother. After all, you are not asking for much.

That is why we have for you, “Be a Confident Mom Who Shines.”

Be a Confident Mom — the Master Mind

With Be A Confident Mom Who Shines, you will connect with a group of mothers like you where you will

With “Be a Confident Mom” you will understand why you don’t have to pretend to be Superwoman

Isn\’t this something that would benefit you?

There is even more. You will:

So, what is “Be a Confident Mom Who Shines?”

It is a mastermind of professional moms with young children who:


With Dr. Claire, you\’re in for a treat. Not only is she gifted at time management guidance and goal setting, she is also spiritually insightful and wise. Claire helped me build community in a setting I didn\’t even know was there for me. That\’s why I am thankful to her and this mastermind experience.

Kendra Thompson

Meet Your Mastermind Leader


Hi. I\’m Dr. Claire.

For many years, I have been helping mothers in groups and individually to be more confident in their various roles in life. I provide you with the framework and content to succeed and shine as a mother.

More broadly, I am an author, speaker, spiritual mentor and coach. In addition, I am the founder of Blazing Star Network, a professional training and spiritual coaching firm.

I look forward to welcoming you in Be A Confident Mom Who Shines Mastermind. I will count it a privilege to support you on your journey.

Are There Alternatives?

Now, you don’t have to join this group. You can continue struggling on your own with your sense of isolation and/or failure and/or guilt.

You can read books — you know those books that you start and never finish :-). But hey. It’s not your fault. We know how busy you are and that is the whole point, isn’t it?

You can also watch videos and listen to podcasts. But you will miss the community, camaraderie, give and take, and instant feedback.

Maybe you are already part of a group. The question is, is it devoted completely to you as a mother? Moreover, does it give you dedicated time to focus on you, your needs, your goals as a mom?

And here is the big one. You know as well as I do, that time is a big issue. But, let me ask you this: Can you afford to not join “Be a Confident Mom?” Can you, your children, and your health afford to continue going along the same path without a change?

Let This Be Your Time to Shine

This can be your time to shine with confidence . . . if you let it.
Don’t let your situation and the world situation have the last say.

A lot of times when we leave things for later they do not happen. So, go ahead and join now.

Simply click the button below and join \”Be A Confident Mon Who Shines Now.\” The investment for all of this is just $179 per month.



Dr. Claire has been a tremendous blessing in my life. She helped me manage the personal struggles that I face being a young, Christian, single mother. She has a natural gift for spreading God\’s love and helping others get their lives on track.

Marissa Williams



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