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Timely interviews of people’s journey in living from God’s center. Be inspired as you learn from them and get advice and resources to help equip you to live from God’s center.

041: God in the Midst for Your Confidence and Hope


Shownotes: Episode 041 Interview with Lynn Lewis, Mentor, Coach, Entrepreneur


confidence and hopeImage of Living from God’s Center

When Lynn Lewis thinks of living from God’s center she gets a visual of God being in the midst of every aspect of her life. Her personal goal is to intentionally live every part of her life in a manner that is pleasing to, bringing glory to God. A saying Lynn read and keeps as her own is to, “look for the divine in everyday life.”

The Confidence and Hope Difference in Everyday Life

Lynn looks for God in every situation. Another way is sharing her experiences with other women. She will ask them some of the questions that were asked of her. Key questions: Are you willing to hear from God and are you willing to act upon what you hear from God about your purpose?

The difference it makes is hope. When someone can know they have hope regardless of what they’re dealing with. Being confident enough to trust God. Even though not knowing all the answers or the full destination she can trust God to get there.

The hope, trust Lynn has in God has changed her life. She believes that because she accepted it, chose to live from God’s center, to walk out her purpose with confidence it is making a difference in other person’s lives.

There was a time when she felt stuck, prayed and wrote notes and asked God where she would find a spiritual coach. She got connected with SurrenderInPrayer and the resources there. It made a difference.

Path to Confidence and Hope from Living from God’s Center

  • Prayer. When Lynn was feeling stuck, like the person at the crossroads, the first thing she did was to start seeking God.
  • She also talked to people, asking them what they saw, for their input. It came back to her always ministering to women.
  • Following SurrenderInPrayer and using those resources.
  • Finding out about Claire Smith’s coaching program.

2 ways in which the coaching program has impacted Lynn:

  1. Lynn continues to lean on many of the things she learned in the program. They’re still front and center. One being the charge at the end of program charge.
  2. CS asked her the hard questions. The first person in her adult life that really pushed her and because of that God has been able to use her the way she is being used. Persistent and consistent way of asking questions. Didn’t settle for no or “I can’t.” Thanks God for that.

Advice to Someone Desiring to Live from God’s Center

confidence and hopeInvest in yourself and your personal development. Do not look for someone who will tell you what you want to hear but invest in a coach or mentor that will help you to be that better vessel for God, help you to live from God’s center. It will make a difference in your life. It will make you a better pastor or coach or mentor for the person you will serve.

It is like taking care of your physical body and you feel better and others notice and it encourages and inspires them to do likewise. When you take care of your personal development, she believes it is an inspiration and encouragement to others.

Favorite books or prayer resources that Lynn recommends

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

The Genesee Diary: Report from a Trappist Monastery by Henri J.M. Nouwen

How to Pray: Living Wholly through Honest, Surrendered, Heart Praying by Claire Annelise Smith


Photo courtesy of PublicCo / Pixabay.Com

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