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Don’t Miss This if You Want to Meet Your Goals in 2019

meet your goals

Goals! Are they on your mind? Are you wondering how you will meet your goals in 2019? This post is specially for you. However, if you have already answered this question keep reading and see how this compares with and/or enhances what you have.

Focus to Meet Your Goals

You must do this big thing if you are going to meet your goals. I have shared it in a video. I’ve put the video below in case you have not seen it yet. It is about making your goals your daily focus. View it and then continue reading.

Here are two other advantages of your daily review of your goals. These are in addition to what I say in the video:

  • They will become a part of you.
  • You will receive the impetus to keep pressing forward.

For this to happen, however, your goals must be right-sized.

What do right-sized goals look like? Here are 3 characteristics of right-sized goals that are a part of what we do in my BLAZES program.

Meet Your Goals By Making them Right-Sized

  • Right-sized goals are SMART. As I said in the video above, if your goals are not SMART you’re most likely engaging in wishful thinking. You will find it hard to press toward something that is vague and therefore elusive. You must aim at something that is concrete.
  • They extend you. Right-sized goals are not so easy to achieve that you get bored and demotivated. Neither are they so outrageous that you see no way of achieving them. Your goals strike the right balance between moving you past where you initially thought you could go and keeping you from freezing up because they are so unattainable.
  • These type of goals are captivating. They capture you because they are meaningful in the light of who you are, why you are here, and what you value. Thus, right-sized goals take a hold of you. As a result, you go the distance to achieve them. Whenever your spirits are flagging, you take another look at them and are motivated to go again.

Perhaps you are not sure if your goals are SMART or what SMART goals are and how to set them. If this is the case, simply click below and download your SMART goal-setting guide.

You can meet your goals in 2019. You can have a great year filled with achievement and joy. Just do this:

  • Ensure that your goals are right-sized. Then,
  • Be sure to review them everyday.

Here is to your success in 2019.

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