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Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

Answer this: Do you want to settle for where you are or do you want to live with confidence, peace and joy?

You see, some people are satisfied with mediocre or just getting by. Some people are satisfied with same old same old. Some people are even satisfied with drifting along in life. Then, there are those who decide that burnout and overwhelm are a way of life. I’m guessing that’s not you and that’s why you’re here.

Congratulations! Thank you for stopping by.

You know that you are surrounded with well-meaning people. The thing is, their role in life is to encourage you. They let you know how wonderful you are.

It’s not that coaches don’t do that, but we are trained and prepared to ask you questions that help you see yourself better, the you God created and is still transforming. We help you to see you as the chosen vessel of God. Then we support you to go forth joyfully with new possibilities, with peace and confidence in this God who created and chose you and has given you everything you need for life.

My coaching experience with Dr. Claire has been exceptional!

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