Dr. Claire Speaks

Dr. Claire Speaks

An Experience

Experience Dr. Claire’s unique and versatile speaking style that combines wisdom with humor, honesty with compassion and leaves you knowing the next step you need to take to build a legacy of love.

Whether you want a formal or informal presentation, Dr. Claire will deliver an impactful, virtual presentation that will expand your understanding of what it means to leave a legacy of love.

What They Say

Lelar Williams - Dr. Claire Speaks

Dr. Smith is one of the best and smartest teachers that I know. You can trust her ability to present topics in a manner that is profound, relevant and trustworthy.

Success Stories - Dennis Daniels

We all gained tremendous insight into the many ways and means of coping with the many stresses and how best to deal with these stressors, so we can enjoy greater satisfaction and success with what we do in both our professional and personal lives.

Dr. Claire Speaks
Dr. Claire Speaks


Workable Time Management Strategies

How to Build a Strong God-Connection to Live Confidently in An Uncertain World

Why Your Legacy Matters and How to Build It

Workable Time Management Strategies


Dr. Claire is available for virtual or in-person presentations in the following formats:

✔ Speeches
✔ Retreats
✔ Workshops

Dr. Claire Speaks

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