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About Dr Claire

Get clear with Dr Claire | Live from God's Center Private ConsultationDr Claire’s Passion

Claire Annelise Smith, PhD is a spiritual mentor and life coach who is passionate about helping people like you live in God’s light. Through her coaching, people  like you are experiencing needed change in their lives as they move past uncertainty and frustration. As a result, you get clear with Dr Claire on where you are and where you need to go.

Dr Claire has worked in many different cultural contexts with professionals of all ages. She has been empowering professionals like you through her writing, teaching, mentoring, and coaching. She is currently focusing on coaching people who are in caring professions to move out of the darkness and into the light.

Dr Claire’s Struggle

You see, Dr Claire knows firsthand what it is like to struggle and feel isolated and give and serve so much that her spiritual life was neglected. She knows what it is to like to be so driven that life became dark with overwhelm and burnout. The truth is, she was so caught up that she didn’t realize how dark it was.

God intervened. Thank God!

She hit a place where God was all she had. She started praying with more intensity and intentionality. This way of praying became a habit. She also learned how to pray honest, whole-hearted, surrendered prayer. Moreover, she was able to have someone accompany her for part of her journey. The counseling and coaching relationships made a big difference. You know what? God used these to lead her out of that stuck cycle.

Dr Claire’s Solution and Service

Dr Claire discovered a way to live out of God’s center and in God’s light. It’s one thing to serve because you’ve been trained to do so and you have no other option, or out of a sense of duty. It’s quite a different thing to serve with confidence, joy, and renewed energy. The difference is light. God’s light. You can and should live in it.

Dr Claire has a variety of experiences in her ministry background—pastoring, coordinating youth ministry at the national level, planning training at all levels in various areas, serving on international mission bodies. In addition, she has presented at professional meetings, published articles, books related to prayer, contributed prayers and chapters to journals, books and encyclopedias. Find more of her education, experience, and publications here.

Currently, Claire Smith works as a Spiritual Mentor and Prayer Coach at SurrenderInPrayer, the umbrella for the Get Clear with Claire Coaching programs. In addition, she is the Director of youTheology Institute.