About Dr. Claire

I was busy being a high achiever. I was busy at work. When I got home, I was tired. I had work to do there as well. I was trying to hold it all together and couldn’t seem to figure out what I could let go off.

Every time a challenge came, I accepted it. Everything was possible. I took on more and more responsibilities envisaging, planning, executing, traveling, supervising staff . . . It was all stuff I could do, so, why not do it? Can you relate?

However, there was a problem and I didn’t even realize it. I was burning out and losing myself in the process. I was doing and that was it. I was not guarding my inner person. I was not guarding my time with God and others. I was squeezing out my space to rejuvenate. My health was suffering.

For many years people saw the achievements but they didn’t see the cost.

I found a framework that worked and continues to work. Whenever my blaze starts to go down, I go back to that space. Having time to blaze, living well, beats achieving without heart and soul.

As a high achiever who has been responsible for multiple programs at the same time in different arenas, had oversight of staff, I get that overwhelmed feeling that seeps into your personal life. I know what it is to hold my head up, smile as if all is well but . . . I also know what it is to smile, and hold my head up because all is well.

I’m here for you.

Simply click the button and let us get that conversation going to have more time to enjoy family and what matters most.

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Dr. Claire, owner of Blazing Star Network, has a variety of experiences in different cultural contexts. Find more of her education, experience, and publications here.