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Then, Who Is Holding Up Your Hands?

If no one is holding up your hands, then you and your church may be

stuck at the same old level.

If you are giving without replenishing in a deep way as you serve without someone holding up your hands while the battle goes on, then read on.

If you are feeling stuck and you know that you and your church or ministry have plateaued, then know that you are in the right place.

If you want to add meaning to your current practices so that you and your church move to a new level in God, then “Living from God’s Center” is for you.

You see, “Living from God’s Center” is here to hold up the hands of busy pastors and ministry leaders where you are so that immediately you live and lead from a place of confidence, peace and joy right where you are. The result? You move to a new level in God. Your church wins.

Consider this: God used Moses’ hands. During the battle with the Amalekites God continued to use Moses’ hands and when they were up, the Israelites won. However, Moses got tired. His hands started to drop. That’s when Aaron and Hur stepped in and held up Moses’ hands during the battle as his arms grew weary (Exodus 17:8–13 NRSV). That took the battle to a new level. Who is holding up your hands?

This is big. Here is what I mean.

You spend your life serving others. You give unselfishly. You teach, you inspire others, you spend hours with them in their time of need.

You also do administration and sometimes you add in janitorial services, just for good measure. You chair meetings, you write and submit reports. Sometimes you even find funds for projects. Then there are weddings and funerals and community events.

When your hands get tired, when you are not replenishing, when your practices need reinvigorating you suffer. Your ministry suffers as you move from God’s center. You get frustrated, and stressed and burnout follows. You lose your joy. You just keep doing the next thing, but, is that all?

Is that all God intended for you? And, what about your family? How are they doing when you are in this stressed out and joyless state? Maybe they are understanding. Kudos to them.

But, in the meantime you are carrying secret guilt and shame, needlessly, I may add. You can have your hands held up.

Then there are your congregants. You’re serving them, but. . . It is wearing you down, yet, you can’t tell anyone. It’s the best kept secret. After all, you are supposed to be able to handle these things.

You have to put up the successful front, be superman or superwoman. Otherwise, they might thing you are lesser than your colleagues, even a failure. How can you admit that even little things are becoming irritants now?

Think of it. You are trying to please everyone. Even when you know that you are trying to do the impossible you feel you must. You’re stuck. You have no control.

Right now, you are waiting for the phone . . . It rings at anytime. You don’t know when the next emergency will appear through a call or a text . . . Or, the next complaint. The phone.

Sometimes you wish you could throw it far from you, but you need it. How else would they get in touch with you—your family, your friends, your members, your supervisors—everybody.

 Living from God's Center


As your hands drop and the spiritual lives of you and your church/ministry erode,

you look to God and you say, "God, why did you get me in this fix? Can't you do something about it? I'm doing this because of you. Why don't you show up and show out?" Silence.

But, the God who never left your side is there. And right now, God is showing you a way out.

Here is what I mean. You did not come to this page by accident. You are here by divine appointment. If any of the above describes you, you have a decision to make.

You can continue as if you never came here, never saw this, never heard about “Living from God’s Center.” You can continue with that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach or that headache or that sense of stress and frustration, that sense of being distant from God . . . You can continue as you are on a mediocre path on the same level that’s “okay” for you and your church/ministry.

But, you can also make a decision that enough is enough is enough.

  • You are going to grow closer in your relationship with God.
  • You will not let ministry get between you and God.
  • You are going to be fruitful.
  • You are going to get help with the ministry baggage you are carrying.
  • You are going to go to a new level.
  • You are going to have someone hold up your hands and do so without guilt and with love of God and self, knowing that there is no shame in doing so.

If you are ready to say that enough is enough, click this button below and take advantage of this opportunity.

"Living from God's Center" will come alongside you and hold up your hands.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

It's time to stop struggling on your own, trying to please everyone while you and your church/ministry slowly die inside.

"Living from God's Center" is that unique program that goes with you to the top of the hill, puts the stone for you to sit on and holds up your hand right where you are so that immediately you prioritize what's truly important and find the space, with God as your foundation, to take your church to a new level as you live and serve with confidence, peace, and joy. We will be your Aaron and Hur.

Here's why. Pastors/ministry leaders who give of themselves completely without someone holding up their hands are unable to take their churches and ministries to a new level. Why? You drift from God and are frustrated, resentful, stressed, and stuck. You and your church or ministry hit a hump or plateau out. Please, do not pass up this opportunity to get out from where you are.

Kendra I participated in two programs with Dr Claire Smith and have been beyond satisfied with both. Dr Smith is in touch with her spiritual gifts and leads from a deeply centered place in Christ. After only a brief time with her, I was able to discern a prayerful way to navigate challenges in ministry. This is thanks to her connection with God and centered leadership. I would recommend Surrender in Prayer and Dr. Claire Smith not only to ministers, but for anyone interested in spiritual growth and a deepening of their relationship with God.

Rev. Kendra Thompson, Minister of Faith Formation at Edwards Congregational United Church of Christ Davenport, IA

  • You can do nothing and continue on the same old path without a clear focus on God. If you think that is okay, then you don’t understand your call.
  • You can continue carrying all your burdens, putting in your time until the next appointment or retirement. If you call that living, then you don’t need to do anything.
  • You can be satisfied with a lack of excitement, no expectations of God showing up, just offering platitudes and feel good sermons with wonderful stories that they love. If you call that ministry, then you don’t need to do anything.
  • You can plan great programs, be busy, look good while deep inside you feel the emptiness. If you call that satisfying, then you don’t need to do anything.
  • You can continue to stand in front of your church/ministry and multiply your spiritual depletion in others. If you consider that to be good enough, then guess what? Go right ahead.

However, if you are ready to live as God intended, lead and minister from a deep connectedness with God that offers life-giving words, where you lead programs that come from the heart of God, you are ready for “Living from God’s Center.” Welcome!

The time to act is now.

Here’s the reason. Ministry is not getting less busy. As a matter of fact, without this guidance, it will just get busier and busier.

Life is filled with uncertainty right now in all areas. This includes the structure of the church. What does the future hold? Your members look to you for answers. They turn to you with their anxieties. Are you anchored enough in God to respond as God directs? Or, are you so filled with your own anxiety and stress that you add to theirs?

When you become a part of “Living from God’s Center,” you will immediately identify where you are with God and where you are going in your relationships and move toward a centered life that is anchored in God. You will leave aside anxiety and stress as you draw nearer to God and respond as God desires.

Here’s the reason why. The devotionals, reflections, and weekly conversations put you on a path to living from God’s center. You are more open to hearing from and responding to God.

And there’s a good reason this works. You see, the weekly conversations provide a safe, compassionate, empathetic space. You get to be who you are without judgment while being lovingly held accountable.

This is so important that you must make time to participate in “Living from God’s Center.” When you do it, you will be supported to find even more time than you had before. You see, people say they don’t have time but go right on and add more to their plate.

It’s time to add something NOW that gives you the freedom to live and serve from God’s center with confidence, peace, and love.

It’s time to be fair to your church/ministry and go to a new level.

As a Pastor, and spiritual leader in the church, I have discovered that my ability to spiritually lead others rests on my own spiritual growth and discernment of God’s ways and will, along with a willingness to surrender to this will. It has been extremely important for me to find a practice that encourages more intentional time with God and increased spiritual renewal.

As I was searching for a prayer tradition that might help me build a stronger prayer life and closer relationship with God, I was contacted about “Living from God’s Center.” Through the offering of daily devotions, questions for reflections, audio reflections, and weekly one hour coaching sessions that are included in the practice of “Living from God’s Center,”

I am experiencing a maturity in my own spiritual growth and a deepening of my own prayer life. I have been pleasantly surprised with the immediate behaviors that are unfolding, as I incorporate a new way of encountering God in my day.

I highly recommend “Living from God’s Center” to pastors and ministry leaders who are seeking a disciplined spiritual practice that more fully recognizes the presence of God, embodies the teachings of Christ, and along with personal spiritual growth, builds a confidence to lead and nurture others in their Christian faith.

Kathy Williams, Associate Pastor, Lawrence First UMC

As you participate in "Living from God's Center," your hands are held up and, with prayer, you identify and overcome the various blocks in your life and ministry. The beauty is, you don’t have to go anywhere.

Too often, you are told to go and come back. Now, nothing is wrong with going to learn and grow. This is important.

However, the battle is where you are not where you go to learn. Thus, you need your hands held up right where you are.

That’s what helps to make “Living from God’s Center” unique and impactful. We are with you in the midst of life as it happens.

How do we do this?

Let me explain.

Living from God's Center's weekly phone conversations are a time of deep sharing, learning, and praying. You center on what you need at that time. You discuss what is happening in your life and ministry and we respond from Scripture and a sense of what God is saying as well as prayer.

The daily devotionals allow you to zero in on the theme for the month. Many of these themes cover the basics you do for your congregation but not for yourself. You get an opportunity to revisit these fundamentals and apply them to your life.

In addition, you will revisit Sabbath and rediscover its meaning then see how this changes your life.

Now, let's talk about the audio reflections. This is where we introduce the month’s theme. You get an opportunity to reflect on it—as a participant. You will see what it means for you, your life, and ministry. You will consider how God is speaking to you and how God is leading you.

And, let's not forget the goals. You set your own goals for this program. You see, there are the overall goals of the program. However, you have specific needs based on who you are and the context in which you are serving. That's part of the beauty of Living from God's Center. You are able to set and track your own goals.

Living from God's Center is customized for you.

If we were to give one word to describe “Living from God’s Center” it would be, "LIFE-CHANGING"


I’ve been working with Claire since late August and I must say her phone call couldn’t have come at a better time.  Within a new appointment, I was beginning to realize the many “opportunities” that we had to shift from unfruitful ministry practices to fruitfulness.  I began to think that this change that needed to take place rested fully on my shoulders.

Wondering if God was going to show up in my part of the world, I was quickly beginning to lose faith, hope and love.  I hate to say it, but I suspect other pastors get into the following rut… I was beginning to leave God out of the equation.

Now that I have been working with Claire, I find myself dwelling in God, and relying on God.  The burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, my dry parched soul is becoming quenched by the living waters of Christ Jesus and my life consists of a new hope. If you are considering working with Claire, I highly recommend her, as I have not felt this centered in God in a long time.  The best part is, I know I’m going to get better.


Rev. Bill O’Neal
Pastor St Stephen UMC in Troy, MO


I knew something wasn’t quite right.  I knew I longed for more than what I was experiencing in ministry.  I knew I had baggage I was carrying from my years of ministry.  I knew all this.  I prayed about it, but I didn’t know for sure what to do. That’s when I was contacted by Claire Smith and “Living From God’s Center.”

Now, I’ll admit it, when I signed up for the program I was rather skeptical about it all, but I have come to firmly believe that “Living From God’s Center” was the answer to my prayers.  My weekly talks with Claire Smith have been especially helpful to me and my personal spiritual life.  Matter of fact, God has been working in me through this program, and I can honestly say that I am spiritually healthier now than I have been in a very long time.

I am grateful to God for Claire Smith and “Living From God’s Center,” and I highly recommend this program to pastors and ministry leaders who desire  healthier spiritual and physical lives and who hunger for more of God.

Robert Sefrit, Pastor Marshfield United Methodist Church

Living from God's Center - 6 Months

  • Weekly phone conversations that meet you where you are.
    • You show up and discuss what's on your heart, get godly conversation and prayer.
    • Confidential, empathetic, compassionate with
    • Accountability.
  • Monthly audio reflections to do deeper in the month's theme.
    • Giving purpose.
    • With worksheets for you to make it relevant to you.
    • Renewing your life in God.
  • Daily devotionals.
    • Prepared specially to be in harmony with the month's theme.
    • You'll grow further into the meaning of the theme.
    • They come with journaling guides for you to make it relevant to your situation.
  • Free one-day prayer retreat.
    • Time away for reflection and prayer
    • With others as well as personal reflection built in.
    • A time of refreshing.
  • Monthly themes.
    • Ensuring purposeful movement.
    • Exploring topics you teach but are unable to explore for yourself.
    • Moving you toward your closer relationship with God.
  • Goal setting and tracking.
    • You determine what you want to accomplish.
    • Track this as you go along and adjust as needed.
    • End with a sense of accomplishment.


  • 1 Free session with Dr Smith at the beginning of the program
  • 1 Free online workshop on centered churches and ministries.


You will be honored as God's unique creation.

If you do everything in "Living from God's Center," you will prioritize what's truly important and with God as your foundation , take your church to a new level as you find the space to live and serve with confidence, peace, and joy.

Lennie TestimonialI was searching for a way to reconnect with God through a fresh and unique spiritual discipline. Claire Smith, Living from God’s Center/SurrenderInPrayer, helped me to find a fresh new hope through weekly coaching calls, daily devotions, retreats and challenging exercises. I found the power of placing my whole self in God’s presence through prayer walking. If you want something warm and fuzzy SurrenderInPrayer is not for you. If you are looking for something new and challenging give Claire a call.

Rev. Lennie Maxwell, Pastor, First UMC, Great Bend, KS

  • Why Your Relationship With God Matters in Your Everyday Life and How you Can Improve it.
    • This looks at the different scripts that we use and holds them up in the light of God's Script for our lives.
  • How to Pray for Guidance in Your Relationship with God
    • How we integrate honest prayer as a part of our everyday lives same as breathing.
  • How Spiritual Discipline and Wellness Connect and Why it Matters
    • We are an integrated whole. How do we live a whole life of spiritual discipline?
  • Relationships: Blessing or Curse?
    • A call to examine our relationships in the light of the great commandments.
  • Centered Churches and Other Ministries
    • How we incorporate living from God's center in church and other ministry settings.
  • Living Shalom
    • Going deep with a spiritual plan for our lives so that you live with from God's center, serving with confidence, peace, and joy.

Haven’t you clicked the button yet for your free 30-minute 1-on-1 “Go to Your New Level Now” Session? If you wait, . . . what shape will you be in then? At what level will your church be? Or, slots just might be gone by the time you get around to it.

Delay is dangerous. Don’t delay. Get connected. Join “Living from God’s Center.”

There is a great discount for those who are ready to take action now.


Live from God's Center Private ConsultationHi. Claire Smith here, spiritual mentor and prayer coach. Here is something you may not know. I am an ordained minister. I have lived these struggles that you have been reading about and some of those you are living. I know what it is to go without someone holding up my hands and drift from God. I have lived stressed and stuck. I’ve also had my moments of frustration and resentment. What made the difference? I got help.


Claire A Smith, PhD is a spiritual mentor and prayer coach, providing spiritual direction. She is an ordained minister who has pastored, led various ministries, taught and trained pastors and other ministry leaders. Along the way, she has discovered that she needs to live from God's center in order to serve and lead with confidence and peace.

Claire Smith firmly believes that if you're going to do this work to which God has called you in a life-giving way, you cannot do it alone.  In the midst of your busy life you must have someone to hold up your hands. In this way you will not only create but also maintain sacred space.  Thus, you will live from God's center and lead place of confidence, peace and joy.

You see, Claire Smith knows firsthand what it is like to struggle and feel isolated and give and serve so much that her spiritual life was neglected. She has been on that cycle. Going off to another program or seminar was good, but it did not get her past that stage. She was dealing with overwhelm, burnout—you name it. The thing is, she was so caught up that she didn't realize how bad it was.

God intervened. Thank God!

She hit a place where God was all she had. She started praying with more intensity and intentionality. This way of praying became a habit. She also learned how to pray honest, whole-hearted, surrendered prayer. Moreover, she was able to have someone accompany her for part of her journey. It made a big difference. You know what? God used these to lead her out of that stuck cycle. 

She discovered a way to live out of God's center. There is a big difference between simply serving and leading out of compulsion and doing so out of God's center. The difference is confidence, joy and renewed energy. You can and should have these.    

Claire Smith has a variety of experience in her ministry background—pastoring, coordinating youth ministry at the national level, planning training at all levels in various areas, serving on international mission bodies. In addition, she has presented at professional meetings, published articles, books related to prayer, contributed prayers and chapters to journals, books and encyclopedias. You will find more of her education, experience, and publications here.

Currently, Claire Smith works as a Spiritual Mentor and Prayer Coach at SurrenderInPrayer, the umbrella for "Living from God's Center." She is also Director of youTheology Institute.

Click below to find our more about and set up your free 30-minute "Go to a New Level Now" 1-on-1 session with Dr Claire Smith, to be conducted by phone. As a thank you for your interest YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE, “3 KEYS TO GET OUT OF YOUR SPIRITUAL RUT NOW.”

This is just what I needed to grow my relationship with God! It is helping me stay focused on God and getting to know Him on a more intimate level.

The thought provoking devotionals, both written and audio, have certainly helped increase my desire for a deeper relationship with God.

I love, love, love the one on one, personalized coaching and the audio lessons.

Lynn Lewis, Mentor