Rise Up 30-Day Blueprint


Work with Dr. Claire and get your personalized blueprint for a breakthrough in that one area of your life that will propel you forward as you move with clarity and certainty, and experience newness and renewal.

Note that total time with Dr. Claire in this program is 2 1/2 hours, which by itself is a value of $1,250.


As George Matthew Adams said,
It’s marvelous the change that comes when a [person] gets together all [their] forces and centers them upon the doing of one thing at a time.

That\’s what  \”Rise Up 30-Day Blueprint\” is all about.

Focus on one aspect of our lives for a concentrated period of time and experience major change and/or renewal.

 This one aspect could be something in your life that needs fine-tuning.

 Perhaps it is something that you have been wanting to work on for a while and need that added accountability to make the progress you want.

 It may even be something new that you want to start.


Regardless of what it is, the \”Rise Up 30-Day Blueprint\” will empower you to:

 Get a breakthrough in that one area of your life, so that you

 Move with clarity and certainty, and

 Experience newness and renewal.


How will you know if this program is a fit for you?

  • If you have one thing in your life that you have been trying to change, but despite trying as hard as you can, you have not been able to do so, and/or
  • If you have got so much going on, you don’t know where to start to pull back from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, and/or
  • If you have an area of your life that you want to change, or you want to start something new. It has been on your mind, but you just need extra motivation to get going.
After going through it, Marissa said, \”As a result of doing this 30-day program, I am much more confident that I can be accountable and more disciplined.\”
We have all these great thoughts and ideas yet there are times we just need to pause and focus on one thing, and when we change that, everything changes.
The program, “Rise Up 30-Day Blueprint,” is designed to give you these three necessary change ingredients – structure, accountability, and support.
  • Structure. You will get structure through a 30-day plan that I will create for you based on an initial coaching session that we will have.
  • Accountability and support. I will support you and hold you accountable for implementing and staying with the plan through your weekly email check-ins with me. These check-ins are to ensure that you are staying on track as well as to flag any challenges that may arise.
  • Bonus: We will have a debriefing session at the end of the 30-day period.


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