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Get Well Balanced NowThis coaching program is just what I needed to grow my relationship with God!  It is helping me stay focused on God and getting to know Him on a more intimate level.  The thought provoking devotionals, both written and audio have certainly helped increase my desire for a deeper relationship with God.

I love, love, love the one on one, personalized coaching and the audio lessons.
Lynn Lewis, Mentor

I’ve been working with Claire since late August and I must say her phone call couldn’t have come at a better time.  Within a new appointment, I was beginning to realize the many “opportunities” that we had to shift from unfruitful ministry practices to fruitfulness.  I began to think that this change that needed to take place rested fully on my shoulders.

Wondering if God was going to show up in my part of the world, I was quickly beginning to lose faith, hope and love.  I hate to say it, but I suspect other pastors get into the following rut… I was beginning to leave God out of the equation.

Now that I have been working with Claire, I find myself dwelling in God, and relying on God.  The burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, my dry parched soul is becoming quenched by the living waters of Christ Jesus and my life consists of a new hope. If you are considering working with Claire, I highly recommend her, as I have not felt this centered in God in a long time.  The best part is, I know I’m going to get better.


Rev. Bill O’Neal Pastor St Stephen UMC in Troy, MO

I knew something wasn’t quite right.  I knew I longed for more than what I was experiencing in ministry.  I knew I had baggage I was carrying from my years of ministry.  I knew all this.  I prayed about it, but I didn’t know for sure what to do. That’s when I was contacted by Claire Smith and “Living From God’s Center.” Now, I’ll admit it, when I signed up for the program I was rather skeptical about it all, but I have come to firmly believe that “Living From God’s Center” was the answer to my prayers.  My weekly talks with Claire Smith have been especially helpful to me and my personal spiritual life.  Matter of fact, God has been working in me through this program, and I can honestly say that I am spiritually healthier now than I have been in a very long time. I am grateful to God for Claire Smith and “Living From God’s Center,” and I highly recommend this program to pastors and ministry leaders who desire  healthier spiritual and physical lives and who hunger for more of God.

Robert Sefrit, Pastor Marshfield United Methodist Church


As a Pastor, and spiritual leader in the church, I have discovered that my ability to spiritually lead others rests on my own spiritual growth and discernment of God’s ways and will, along with a willingness to surrender to this will. It has been extremely important for me to find a practice that encourages more intentional time with God and increased spiritual renewal.

As I was searching for a prayer tradition that might help me build a stronger prayer life and closer relationship with God, I was contacted about “Living from God’s Center.”  Through the offering of daily devotions, questions for reflections, audio reflections, and weekly one hour coaching sessions that are included in the practice of “Living from God’s Center,” I am experiencing a maturity in my own spiritual growth and a deepening of my own prayer life.  I have been pleasantly surprised with the immediate behaviors that are unfolding, as I incorporate a new way of encountering God in my day.

I highly recommend “Living from God’s Center” to pastors and ministry leaders who are seeking a disciplined spiritual practice that more fully recognizes the presence of God, embodies the teachings of Christ, and along with personal spiritual growth, builds a confidence to lead and nurture others in their Christian faith.

 Kathy Williams, Associate Pastor, Lawrence First UMC

I participated in two programs with Dr Claire Smith and have been beyond satisfied with both. Dr Smith is in touch with her spiritual gifts and leads from a deeply centered place in Christ. After only a brief time with her, I was able to discern a prayerful way to navigate challenges in ministry. This is thanks to her connection with God and centered leadership. I would recommend Surrender in Prayer and Dr. Claire Smith not only to ministers, but for anyone interested in spiritual growth and a deepening of their relationship with God.

Rev. Kendra Thompson, Minister of Faith Formation at
Edwards Congregational United Church of Christ Davenport, IA

Making the decision the work with Claire was so timely. The scripture and journaling points always seemed to speak to me and my situation. I am clear that doing her program was a divine appointment for me.  I find Claire to be full of the spirit, a gentle challenger, with sincere care for people. I’m grateful for the new awareness I received.

Rev Charity Goodwin-Rosario, Pastor of Discipleship, Missouri UMC

Lennie TestimonialI was searching for a way to reconnect with God through a fresh and unique spiritual discipline. Claire Smith, Living from God’s Center/SurrenderInPrayer, helped me to find a fresh new hope through weekly coaching calls, daily devotions, retreats and challenging exercises. I found the power of placing my whole self in God’s presence through prayer walking. If you want something warm and fuzzy SurrenderInPrayer is not for you. If you are looking for something new and challenging give Claire a call.

Rev. Lennie Maxwell, Pastor, First UMC, Great Bend, KS

SurrenderInPrayer, under the leadership of spiritual mentor and prayer coach- Rev. Dr. Claire A. Smith, offers leaders and pastors organized support for ministry as well as personal spiritual guidance while seeking clear focus of ministry in your current season.

I was keenly aware that I was in need of ministry support. In search of an authentic mentor, God was definitely at work allowing our paths to cross. Divine intervention! The organized way in which this program is designed worked perfectly for me, because it allowed me to engage interactively in a number of ways. First, the weekly exploratory conversations, and prayers with Pastor Smith gave me the sense that someone really cares about my being made whole and healthy; spirit, soul, and body. Second, there were daily focused bible based reflections that were structured in a way that allowed me to really dig deep and do personal soul searching. Also, finding instructions for ministry. Writing out these reflections were most helpful. The third element of this program that allowed me to engage freely is a combination of things: having access to live streams that were sent out to enhance spiritual growth, keeping a daily journal, and being able to share with my coach at any time. I really enjoy writing, and journaling is part of the daily biblical reflections, and anything else you would like to share.

As a result of this coaching program, I have a more in-depth relationship with God. Personal goals, and ministry goals I set at the beginning of the program were met. I now have clarity of how to launch ministry, and the confidence to do it. Most importantly, for me, I gained a spiritual mentor and prayer coach who heard my heart and used her spiritual, counseling/coaching skills to help build a healthy, godly relationship. Reestablishing my trust in spiritual leadership. Pastor Smith, through this coaching program heard my heart and helped me to see what God is doing in my life in this particular season. I am excited and confident about moving forward in God.

Brenda Walker, Christian Educator

When I first met Claire I was immediately drawn to her spirit. We spoke for only a short time and I believed God was calling me to learn from her. I am glad I listened to God. 

Claire reminded me of all those spiritual practices we’re supposed to do and her daily devotions encouraged me in the discipline of doing them. And the daily devotions touched on topics that addressed all aspects of the Christian life; community, spirituality, reading the scripture, physical and mental health. 
As our time together went on, I came to most appreciate her weekly phone call. It was a reminder of God’s presence, of the need for spiritual conversation, and the blessing of having someone pray for me.
Mic McGuire, Pastor, Heritage UMC, Overland Park, KS
get well balanced nowI’ve had the privilege of participating in Claire’s coaching and spiritual mentoring program. It has been life altering for me. Claire has an amazing way of listening, guiding, and providing profound insights that have ultimately produced a new level of depth and peace in my relationship with God and others. She is gifted at helping you discover new things about yourself and your relationships that can positively impact your daily living. Thank you Claire !
Timothy Steele, PhD, Audiologist